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Political Action

Local 19’s Political Department

Local 19 understands the power of political action. We have a long history of putting boots on the ground to support candidates who support working people and see them through to victory. We advocate for family sustaining wages, having access to healthcare, the ability to retire with dignity, and a strong voice in the workplace. When we stand together and effectively make changes now, we create a better community for ourselves, our families, and future generations.

2022 Endorsed Candidates

Pennsylvania State

Governor – Josh Shapiro

More coming soon

For Our Members

Find Your Representative

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For Elected Officials and Candidates

Local 19 Endorsement Process

Local 19 mobilizes thousands of members and the wider community to elect, and re-elect, qualified candidates who support working families and the fight for:

  • Better pay and benefits
  • Registered apprenticeship programs
  • Fair working conditions
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Project Labor Agreements
  • Responsible contracting
  • Improved infrastructure
  • Fair labor laws
  • Worker rights

Each election cycle, our union carefully assesses the candidates running for key elections in our jurisdiction. After this process, Local 19 decides to endorse several candidates, based on their experience and alignment with the values of Local 19. If you’re a candidate interested in our endorsement process, please reach out to Political Director Todd Farally at