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Political Action

Local 19’s Political Department

Local 19 understands the power of political action. We have a long history of putting boots on the ground to support candidates who support working people and see them through to victory. We advocate for family sustaining wages, having access to healthcare, the ability to retire with dignity, and a strong voice in the workplace. When we stand together and effectively make changes now, we create a better community for ourselves, our families, and future generations.

2022 Endorsed Candidates


Governor – Josh Shapiro (D)

Lt. Governor – Austin Davis (D)

US Congress

US Senator – John Fetterman (D)

US House District 1 – Brian Fitzpatrick (R)

US House District 2 – Brendan Boyle (D)

US House District 3 – Dwight Evans (D)

US House District 4 – Madeleine Dean (D)

US House District 5 – Mary Gay Scanlon (D)

US House District 6 – Chrissy Houlahan (D)

US House District 7 – Susan Wild (D)

US House District 10 – Shamaine Daniels (D)

State Senate

PA Senate District 2 – Christine Tartaglione (UFCW 1776) (D)

PA Senate District 4 – Art Haywood (D)

PA Senate District 6 – Frank Farry (R)

PA Senate District 8 – Anthony Williams (D)

PA Senate District 10 – Steve Santarsiero (D).

PA Senate District 12 – Maria Collett (D)

PA Senate District 14 – Nick Miller (D)

PA Senate District 18 – Lisa Boscola (D)

PA Senate District 22 – Marty Flynn (AFSCME) (D)

PA Senate District 24 – Tracy Pennycuick (R)

PA Senate District 26 – Tim Kearney (D)

PA Senate District 34 – Jim Massey (D)

PA Senate District 40 – Rosemary Brown (R)

PA Senate District 44 – Katie Muth (D)

State House

PA House District 10 – Amen Brown (D)

PA House District 18 –  K.C. Tomlinson (R)

PA House District 22 – Joshua Siegel (D)

PA House District 26 – Paul Friel (D)

PA House District 29 – Tim Brennan (D)

PA House District 31 – Perry Warren (D)

PA House District 53 – Steven Malagari (Teamsters) (D)

PA House District 54 – Greg Scott (D)

PA House District 61 – Liz Hanbidge (D)

PA House District 70 – Matt Bradford (D)

PA House District 74 – Dan Williams (D)

PA House District 77 – H. Scott Conklin (D)

PA House District 80 – Jim Gregory (R)

PA House District 82 – Paul Takac (D)

PA House District 95 – Carol Hill-Evans (D)

PA House District 96 – Mike Sturla (D)

PA House District 103 – Patty Kim (D)

PA House District 104 – Dave Madsen (PA AFL-CIO) (D)

PA House District 105 – Justin Fleming (D)

PA House District 106 – Tom Mehaffie (R)

PA House District 115 – Maureen Madden (D)

PA House District 126 – Mark Rozzi (D)

PA House District 127 – Manny Guzman (D)

PA House District 129 – Johanny Cepeda-Freytiz (D)

PA House District 132 – Mike Schlossberg (D)

PA House District 133 – Jeanne McNeil (D)

PA House District 134 – Peter Schweyer (D)

PA House District 135 – Steve Samuelson (D)

PA House District 136 – Robert Freeman (D)

PA House District 137 – Anna Thomas (D)

PA House District 140 – John Galloway (D)

PA House District 141 – Tina Davis (D)

PA House District 143 – Shelby Labs (R)

PA House District 144 – Brian Munroe (FOP) (D)

PA House District 146 – Joe Ciresi (D)

PA House District 148 – Mary Jo Daley (D)

PA House District 149 – Tim Briggs (D)

PA House District 150 – Joe Webster (D)

PA House District 151 – Todd Stephens (R)

PA House District 152 – Nancy Guenst (D)

PA House District 153 – Ben Sanchez (D)

PA House District 154 – Napoleon Nelson (D)

PA House District 156 – Chris Pielli (D)

PA House District 157 – Melissa Shusterman (D)

PA House District 158 – Christina Sappey (D)

PA House District 159 – Carol Kazeem (D)

PA House District 160 – Cathy Spahr (D)

PA House District 161 – Leanne Krueger (D)

PA House District 162 – Dave Delloso (Teamsters) (D)

PA House District 163 – Mike Zabel (D)

PA House District 164 – Gina Curry (D)

PA House District 165 – Jennifer O’ Mara (D)

PA House District 167 – Kristine Howard (D)

PA House District 168 – Lisa Borowski (D)

PA House District 170 – Martina White (R)

PA House District 172 – Al Taubenberger (Teamsters) (R)

PA House District 173 – Pat Gallagher (D)

PA House District 174 – Ed Neilson (IBEW 98) (D)

PA House District 175 – Marylouise Isaacson (D)

PA House District 177 – Joe Hohenstein (D)

PA House District 179 – Jason Dawkins (D)

PA House District 180 – Jose Giral (D)

PA House District 181 – Malcolm Kenyatta (D)

PA House District 182 – Ben Waxman (D)

PA House District 185 – Regina Young (D)

PA House District 186 – Jordan Harris (D)

PA House District 188 – Rick Krajewski (D)

PA House District 189 – Tarah Probst (D)

PA House District 190 – G. Roni Green (SEIU) (D)

PA House District 191 – Joanna McClinton  (D)

PA House District 192 – Morgan Cephas (D)

PA House District 194 – Tarik Khan (D)

PA House District 195 – Donna Bullock (D)

PA House District 197 – Danilo Burgos (D)

PA House District 198 – Darisha Parker (D)

PA House District 199 – Alan Howe (D)

PA House District 200 – Chris Rabb (D)

PA House District 201 – Stephen Kinsey (D)

PA House District 203 – Anthony Bellmon (D)

US Congress

US House District 1:  Donald Norcross (IBEW 351) (D)        

US House District 2: No Endorsement

US House District 3: Andy Kim (D)

US House District 4: Chris Smith (R)       

US House District 5: Josh Gottheimer (D)

US House District 7: Tom Malinowski (D)         

US House District 12: Bonnie Watson Coleman (D)


Municipal Candidates

Frank DiMarco: Gloucester County Commissioner

Denice DiCarlo: Gloucester County Commissioner

James Hogan: Gloucester County Clerk

Greg Wolfe: Monroe Twp Mayor

Donald Heverly (Iron Workers 399): Monroe Twp Council

Patrick O’Reilly: Monroe Twp Council

Denise Adams: Monroe Twp Council

James Magee: Monroe Twp Board of Education

Rena Marrow: Monroe Twp Board of Education

Rosemarie Mohr: Monroe Twp Board of Education

Quandell Iglesia: Monroe Twp Board of Education

Sean Longfellow: Washington Twp Council

Andra Williams: Washington Twp Council

Andrea Dougherty: Washington Twp Council

Dan Woodington (Local 19 Member): Washington Twp Board of Education

Tasha Jackson : Washington Twp Board of Education

Dave Tomczak (Glaziers 252): Washington Twp Board of Education

Catherine Paige: Washington Twp Board of Education

Sean Lindsay (IBEW 351: Washington Twp Board of Education

Kyle Miller (IBEW 351): Woodbury Mayor

Ed Kalinowski (IUOE 825): Deptford Board of Education

Ed McDonnell: Camden County Commissioner

Virginia Ruiz-Betteridge: Camden County Commissioner

Ryan Doran (IBEW 351): Cherry Hill Fire Commissioner 

Walt Lenkowski (Ironworkers 399): Lindenwald Council

Allison Eckel: Burlington County Commissioner

James Kostoplis: Burlington County Sheriff

Stephen Steglik: Mount Laurel Council

Kareem Pritchett: Mount Laurel Council

Rue Ryan: Lumberton Twp Committee

Thomas Lyon (Teamsters): Delran Council

Jaclyn Veasey: Evesham Twp Mayor

Heather Cooper: Evesham Twp Council

Patricia Hansen: Evesham Twp Council

Cathleen Lewis (CWA 1037): Mercer County Commissioner

Bert Steinmann (IBEW 269): Ewing Mayor

Taiwanda Terry-Wilson (CWA 1033): Trenton Council

Jenna Figueroa Kettenburg (CWA 1038): Trenton Council

Nelson Carney, Jr. (CWA 1085): Salem County Commissioner 

Charles Hassler (IBEW 94): Salem County Commissioner

Andrew Bulakowski (UBC 255): Cape May Commissioner

Darlene Barber: Cumberland County Commissioner

Priscilla Ocasi-Jimenez: Cumberland County Commissioner


Attorney General: Kathy Jennings (D)

State Treasurer: Colleen Davis (D)

Auditor Of Accounts: Lydia York (D)


US Congress

US Representative: Lisa Blunt Rochester (D)

State Senate

State Senate District 1: Sarah McBride (D)

State Senate District 2: Darius J. Brown (D)

State Senate District 3: S. Elizabeth Lockman (D)

State Senate District 4: Laura Sturgeon (D)

State Senate District 5: Kyle Evans Gay (D)

State Senate District 6: Stephen Smyk (R)

State Senate District 7: Spiros Mantzavinos (D)

State Senate District 8: David P. Sokola (D)

State Senate District 9: Jack Walsh (D)

State Senate District 10: Stephanie L. Hansen (D)

State Senate District 11: Bryan Townsend (D)

State Senate District 12: Nicole Poore (D)

State Senate District 13: Marie Pinkney (D)

State Senate District 17: Trey Paradee (D)

State House

State Representative District 1: Nnamdi O. Chukwuocha (D)

State Representative District 2: Stephanie T. Bolden (D)

State Representative District 3: Sherry Dorsey Walker (D)

State Representative District 5: Kendra Johnson (D)

State Representative District 6: Debra J. Heffernan (D)

State Representative District 7: Larry Lambert (D)

State Representative District 8: Sherae’a “Rae” Moore (D)

State Representative District 9: Kevin Hensley (R)

State Representative District 10: Sean Matthews (D)

State Representative District 12: Krista Griffith (D)

State Representative District 14: Peter Schwartzkopf (D)

State Representative District 15: Valerie Longhurst (D)

State Representative District 16: Franklin D. Cooke, Jr. (D)

State Representative District 17: Melissa Minor-Brown (D)

State Representative District 18: Sophie Phillips (D)

State Representative District 19: Kimberly Williams (D)

State Representative District 21: Michael Ramone (R)

State Representative District 23: Paul Baumbach (D)

State Representative District 24: Edward Osienski (D)

State Representative District 26 Madinah Wilson-Anton (D)

State Representative District 27: Eric Morrison (D)

State Representative District 28: William Carson Jr. (D)

State Representative District 29: William Bush (D)

State Representative District 31: Sean M. Lynn (D)

State Representative District 32: Kerri Evelyn Harris (D)

Municipal Candidates

New Castle County Register Of Will: Ciro Poppiti, III(D)

New Castle County Recorder Of Deeds: Michael E. Kozikowski, Sr. (D)

New Castle County Council District 1: Brandon Toole (D)

New Castle County Council District 2: Dee Durham (D)

New Castle County Council District 3: Janet Kilpatrick (R)

New Castle County Council District 4: Penrose Hollins (D)

New Castle County Council District 5: Valerie George (D)

New Castle County Council District 6: David Carter (D)

New Castle County Sheriff: Scott Phillips (D)

Sussex County County Council District 5: Billy Edwards (D)

For Our Members

Find Your Representative

Click here to find out who your federal and state legislators are.

For Elected Officials and Candidates

Local 19 Endorsement Process

Local 19 mobilizes thousands of members and the wider community to elect, and re-elect, qualified candidates who support working families and the fight for:

  • Better pay and benefits
  • Registered apprenticeship programs
  • Fair working conditions
  • Workplace health and safety
  • Project Labor Agreements
  • Responsible contracting
  • Improved infrastructure
  • Fair labor laws
  • Worker rights

Each election cycle, our union carefully assesses the candidates running for key elections in our jurisdiction. After this process, Local 19 decides to endorse several candidates, based on their experience and alignment with the values of Local 19. If you’re a candidate interested in our endorsement process, please reach out to Political Director Todd Farally at