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The Funds Office aims to offer our members unparalleled service and prudent management of their Health & Welfare, Pension, Vacation, Annuity and SUB Funds.

Local 19’s members, their families, and retirees benefit from some of the best health care coverage available. Learn more about the health care, dental, vision care and prescription drug benefits we provide.

Funds Department

1301 S. Columbus Blvd. 
Philadelphia, PA. 19147
Phone:  215-952-1990

Benefits Information

Are you or a family member struggling with navigating a health situation, such as a new diagnosis, substance misuse, or an accident? You aren’t alone. We provide our members with services to help them and their families on and off the job.

Click the button below to learn how we can support you.

Guardian Nurses Healthcare Advocates

Guardian Nurses is a healthcare consulting company that guides our members through the healthcare system. A team of registered nurses will quickly respond whenever a Local 19 member has a healthcare issue. Guardian Nurses ensure that members receive the proper testing and care they might otherwise not get. Their nurses will visit you at home or in the hospital, help you make informed decisions regarding your health care, assist in making appointments and go to the doctor with you if needed, and will ask the right questions. They can also explain a new diagnosis, resolve problems with billing and health insurance, and assist in obtaining healthcare equipment. Guardian Nurses are true advocates for our members and retirees and are committed to continuing the same level of exemplary care and service for many years to come.

Nurse Advocate Program 


Active member line:


Retiree member line:


Maryellen Murphy


Julie Vazquez


Christina McCarrick

Total Care Network 

Help when you have a personal or relationship problem 

There are times in our lives when we all need help. When things are too much for us to handle ourselves, it’s time to turn to a trained professional. If you are having trouble with substance abuse, stress, anxiety, depression, gambling, marital/ family relationships, or a job-related problem, you have somewhere to turn. Help is just a phone call away at 1-800-298-2299 or 215-425-8140. 


Total Care Network provides counselors to help you through a variety of issues with total confidentiality. This network of counselors located throughout the region provides the services for Local 19’s Member Assistance Program (MAP) and is a free service for all union members, apprentices, and their dependents that are eligible for benefits through the Local. Even if things look bleak, remember that you aren’t alone. Just reach out and call. All matters discussed with them are completely confidential and no union officials, funds staff, or members have access to your records or knowledge 

Independence Blue Cross


Plan year: January 1 - December 31

$10 PCP, $20 specialist, $28 urgent care

Health Care Solutions 

Diabetic Supply/ CPAP Therapy/ Labs/ Ultrasounds/ X-ray/ Scans


Delta Dental


Plan year: May 1 - April 30

$50 deductible/$2,000 allowance

$4,000 lifetime orthodontic benefit (up to age 19)

NVA (discount plan)


Plan Year: May 1st-April 30th 

$400 allowance



30 Day Supply $10 generic, $15 preferred name brand, $30 non-preferred name brand

90 Day Supply $20 generic, $30 preferred name brand, $45 non preferred name brand

Sheet Metal Workers’ Local #19 Pension Fund

Retirement Processor: Joanne DiOrio, 215-952-1990 ext 330 

Pension Processor: Jacqueline Kinkade, 215-952-1990 ext 304


To change your address, apply for disability benefits, apply for hardship, and more, members will need to log in to the Member Portal. Click here to log in.

Legal Services Program

Cordisco & Saile LLC Logo

As a union member, you deserve the peace of mind that comes with knowing your legal needs will be taken care of professionally by experts in the field. The locally trusted and nationally recognized attorneys at Cordisco & Saile LLC fill this need:

  • A free case evaluation and a review of your pertinent legal documents.
  • Contingency-based practices and discounted fees (with personal injury cases, we do not charge you until we secure your settlement).
  • An experienced legal advisor who explains the legal process and your options.
  • Easy access to the information you need about your case.
  • Discretion and confidentiality.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your legal representative is fighting for your best interests.​

To learn more, contact Cordisco & Saile LLC by visiting their website or by calling 215-642-2335.


Contact Us

​​Thomas J. Klingenberg 
Funds Administrator

​​​​​Dennis Siravo 
Assistant Funds Administrator

Terri Behlau 
Blue Cross Claims
Life Insurance Claims 
Retiree Dental
Local 19 Sign H & W

Maryellen Kane 
Vision Claims Processor
Sub Fund Claims

Nicole Braker 
BeneCard Claims
Active Member Dental Claims
Health & Welfare Eligibility
A&S Claims

Kristen Thress 
Health & Welfare Eligibility
Total Care Network Claims
Vacation Fund Processor

Chris Downey 

Joanne DiOrio 
Pension Processor

Jackie Kinkade 
Pension Processor

Linda Zambetti 

Zuliana Cepeda 

Joanne Esposito 
Administrative Secretary

Liz Forbes

Sherry Mulholland 

Krystal Cimino
Funds Office Receptionist

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