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Local 19 is here for our members the day they start their career all the way through your retirement. For more information on the pension and annuity benefits our members receive and how to access, visit our Benefits page.

Retirees play a very active role in our union. In 1976, the Retirees’ Club was formed to advocate for retired Local 19 members and to further our retired members’ activism within the union. As a member of the Retirees’ Club you receive access to 9 meetings a year which include a breakfast and lunch. Every year there is also a Christmas luncheon as well. All of this for only $10 a year for your membership!

Retirees' Club Officers & Executive Board


James Farally
(610) 329-4055

Vice President

James Hauber
(267) 360-7107


Frank Worrell
(609) 399-1358

Recording Secretary

Robert Whipps
​​(856) 905-9466

Executive Board

Ed Agnew
(856) 982-9380

Executive Board

Frank Beck
(267) 334-1161

Executive Board

Dave Griffith
(610) 716- 9570

Executive Board

John Kearney
(609) 367-3398

Executive Board

Robert Schuck 
(215) 559-1952

Executive Board

​Ed Needham
(215) 757-8861