“When our company begins a project, there are concerns about meeting the schedule, meeting the budget, and delivering quality work to our customers with a high integrity for safety. We know that when we hire skilled Local 19 members, our project team will be well trained in safety procedures while performing their work.  Our company reputation depends on high quality installations performed safely, and Local 19 crafts-persons are the greatest asset that has allowed our company to succeed for over 70 years.”

– Ernie Menolds, Ernest D. Menold, Inc.

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“Being with a union is like a partnership. We have an open line of communication. If I’m slow at work, the representatives are out there trying to find me places to go, giving me leads for jobs. These guys are out there working for me and for their membership. By keeping me busy, they’re keeping the membership busy, and it works for everyone.”

– Jack Titlow, Hunter Mechanical

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“For me, it’s definitely worth it because the guys that I have working for me don’t give me a bunch of headaches since they know what they’re doing. They understand what needs to be done and they get it done safely and efficiently.

– Glen Armstrong, Restaurant Ventilation Design

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